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Specifications (Common to all Programs)

Customer Information and Screens
  • Customer Data are created once and stored.

  • Customer Address can be USA type or International.

  • A customer can be located by entering any field of a customer record
    (Name, Street, City State, etc.), then searching will find all records meeting the criteria. You then select the customer you want.

  • The customer screen displays all customer names in alphabetic order in a drop down window.
    You can open the window and scroll for a customer or start typing the customer name and
    "Name Searching" will use "Type Ahead" to search for a customer match.

Business Information

Your business data is created once and saved It is used by all Citrusware Programs and all applets (free programs which are delivered with any purchased program).
Your company Logo is also created once and saved and used by all programs.

Print Settings

You select two primary colors for Text and Borders as well as a print font.
Some documents over ride these settings and use specific colors (such as totals).

Other Settings

All of these settings are created once and used by all Citrusware Applications and Applets
Not all programs need all settings.

  • You create two tax rates and headings such as State Tax, Local Tax or VAT.

  • Sales items, Services to perform, and labor rates

    (Sales Items can be managed with Citrus Inventory).
    Inventory count is decremented when an invoice is created and incremented when a Purchas Order is created).

  • All vendor, supplier, bank and account data

  • Typical work days ranging from Sunday through Saturday, Monday through Friday, etc.

  • Daily starting time 7:00am or 8:00am

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