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  Scheduling Details


Stored Problem Codes - Reasons a Customer Calls for Service. When a Customer calls, enter the reason once,
 then it available for all future requests for Service.

Stored Services Offered - Repair Services, Appointment Services with prices.

Stored Service Attention Numbers - Each Request for Service results in a unique Service Attention Number.
This number remains open until completion status is posted or the Request is deleted.

Stored Work Assignments - A Work Assignment can be a Service Vehicle, Service Area, Work Team, a geographical location, etc.
Each Work Assignment has unique Daily Schedules.

Address Style - USA style uses Street, Apartment No,  City, State, and Zip.
International uses Three Address Lines

Stored Customer Information and Customer Search - When a Customer calls, enter their information once.
They can then be easily located by different fields; Name, telephone Number, etc.
All Accounts are presented in a drop down sorted list for selection.
You can start typing a Customer name and it is completed with Type-Ahead feature

Customer Auto dial - Attach a telephone to your computer and at different points within the program,
just click on the telephone image and a call will be placed to the Customer.

Place Reminder Calls - Select a date in the future, and a grid is populated with Service Attention Information
for that date. Click on a Customer in the grid to call and remind of upcoming Service.

View Completed Service Attentions - A Service Attention is considered Complete the day after it's scheduled date,
but it is not discarded. All Completed Attentions are placed in a grid until you delete them. 
If you purchase Money Manager, this grid does not appear in the Dispatcher programs. 
Completion information is entered via the Money Manager Program and enters into your Sales Reports.

Record Service Attentions or Appointments and Schedule at a later time

Record Service History - When a service call is completed, the event is recorded and can be reviewed later

Reschedule Service Attentions - Prior to the completion date of a Service Attention, it can be rescheduled or deleted.

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Schedule/Reschedule Holidays, Vacations, etc - Non work days such as vacation, Holidays, Personal Time, etc
can be blocked so that inadvertent scheduling does not occur.

Schedule/Reschedule Customer Meetings - Schedule a Customer Meeting for any assignment. 
The time is set aside, without creating a Service Attention.

Schedule/Reschedule  Recurring Events - A recurring Event is the same event many times. 
A recurring event can be customer related or not.  You may have a maintenance program that is performed every Monday for example. 
It can be scheduled as far in advance as you want.  Create the event once, then click on each day that it should be scheduled. 
You can set it up as billable on each occasion or you can bill it once from the office.  Non customer related events can be scheduled as well.
Perhaps you wish to set aside every other Friday at 3:00pm for each vehicle to be restocked.
Again, create the event once and click every other Friday.

View Scheduled Events (Summary) - Service Attentions, Meetings and Appointmentscan always be viewed individually.
This feature places all events into a grid for easy Summary viewing.

View Month at a Glance - While scheduling Service Attentions, this feature presents
a snapshot view of the hours per workday  for the selected Work Assignment.

View Daily Work Schedules - The Work Schedule for any Assignment can be viewed at any time.
Two views are available, a snapshot (hour and Service Attention Number) and detail, time,
Customer Information and Problem Description.

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Print Daily Work Schedules - The Work Schedule for any Assignment can be printed at any time.

Schedule, View/Print extended Work Schedules (6am - 6pm) - Time (pre and post your normal workday) can be scheduled, viewed and printed.  This feature allows you to schedule non work related events such as ordering material, designing a project, etc.

Print Service Invoices (Blank) - Blank Service Invoices have no Customer Information or dates pre-printed.  Use as backup for fully populated invoices.

Print Service Invoices (with customer Information) - You can print Service Invoices when you print Daily Work Schedules. Each Invoice pre-prints Customer Information, Service Attention Number date, start/stop times; total time columns, Summary Information tear-off stub, and common sales items with prices.

Print Sales Items on Service Invoices (Blank or Populated) - Create a list once of up to 10 of your most commonly used items while servicing your Customers.  When you print Service Invoices, these items will be pre-printed with unit prices on each Invoice.  The list and pricing can be changed at any time.

Unattended Call Monitoring - Requires a voice grade modem and subscription to Caller ID from your local Telephone Company.
While away from the office, this feature logs all incoming calls and distinguishes Customers from non Customers.  This feature makes returning calls and scheduling Service easier.

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