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Screens and Printouts

Screens Common to All

All of our Programs have a Setup Screen, Startup Screen, and a Customer Screen.
(Except Citrus Inventory does not need a Customer Screen).
These vary depending on the needs of the application.

The Setup Screen
The Setup Screen stores the information used to customize the program to your needs, such
as Printing preferences, Tax requirements, Logo, Labor Rates, Work Assignments.

Data which is common to many programs need be created once and is available to all other programs.
When the program first starts, you are directed to the Setup Screen.
You fill in the data and Save it.
Each time you run the program, the information is automatically retrieved.
You can review and change data at any time.

More complex programs have greater Setup needs, such as Services Provided, a list of Service Assignments, etc.

View a typical Setup Screen.

The Startup Screen

The Startup Screen contains all of the routines available to the program.
You simply select the procedure you wish to run and click Go or GOTO

View a typical Startup Screen.

The Customer Screen
Most operations begin by selecting a Customer from your Customer List.
You can create the list in advance, or add and modify as you go.

View a typical Customer Screen

Some programs such as Citrus Cycle Invoicer and Citrus Contract Scheduler,
require more customer information.
You add this data as you create a customer account.

View the Citrus Cycle Invoicer Customer Screen
View the Citrus Contract Scheduler Customer Screen

Application Specific Screens

Citrus Invoicer Free
View the Setup Screen

Citrus Invoicer
Citrus Invoicer
has three screens which appear during the Creation of an Invoice.

With the first screen, setup, you select or enter items pertaining to  the invoice; such as
Tax options, Purchase Order Number, add an Attention Line, select a Template,
 and enter Payment Information if the order was pre-paid.
View the Setup Screen

Then you enter items to  the body of the invoice.
View the Entry Screen

When all items have been added, continue to the print screen.
View the Print Screen

Citrus Cycle Invoicer
Citrus Cycle Invoicer generates Billing automatically.

Select the billing frequency (for example Monthly), and all accounts are presented in a grid.
Click Create Invoice Records, and all selected accounts are billed and optionally, invoices are printed.
View the Billing Screen

Citrus Dispatching

Dispatching Creation Screens

Citrus Dispatcher schedules Service Attentions.
You start by selecting a Customer from your Customer List.
Once the customer is selected, the Service Attention can be scheduled.
View the Dispatching Scheduling Screen.

A Service Slip can be Rescheduled until the end of the day on which it is currently scheduled.
View the Reschedule Screen

Dispatching Schedule Screens
Once scheduled, Daily Work Schedules can be viewed and printed.
You can view a Daily Work Schedule in Summary Form or Detail Form.

Citrus Dispatch Center
View the Creation Screen
View the Dispatch Board

Citrus Appointment Scheduler
View the Startup Screen
View the Creation Screen
View the Scheduled Appointments Screen

Citrus Contract Scheduler
View the customer screen above.

Other Screens:
View the Completion Data screen
View the Print Schedules screen
View the Reschedule screen

Construction Scheduler
View the Scheduling Screen

Citrus Proposal
Citrus Proposal uses the Basic Screens, Setup, Startup and Customer.

View the Creation Screen

View the Custom Terms and Disclaimer

Citrus Proposal Deluxe
Citrus Proposal Deluxe uses the Basic Screens; Setup, Startup and Customer and
adds an Invoice Creation Screen and Field Proposal Completion Screen
View the Invoice Creation Screen

View the Field Proposal Completion Screen

Citrus Inventory
View the Inventory Screen
View the Price Book Screen

Printed Documents

Applications use either Plain Paper to create a 8 1/2" by 11" document,
Perforated Response Paper  creating a document with  tear-off Remittance Slip 3 1/2" from the bottom.

Statements, Credit Memos and Payment Receipts

The print rules are identical for Statements as for Invoices, for those programs that offer Statement Printing.

Dispatching Printed Documents

Work Schedules can be printed for any day, for any work assignment.
View Citrus Dispatcher Work Schedule.

Invoices for each Service Call can be pre-printed.

View a Service Call Invoice.

Inventory Printed Documents

You can print an Inventory Report, Tally Sheets (for taking a physical Inventory, Price Books, and Request for Quotation Letters.

Checkbook Printed Deposit
(Data the program creates (pre-printed form not shown)

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