Citrusware Announces the Release of Citrus Proposal Deluxe


Hernando, Fl Citrusware is pleased to announce the release of Citrus Proposal Deluxe, which is for use by Contractors, Tradesmen and Small Businesses to create and print professional proposals.
The 30 day free trial version is fully functional.
The purchase version includes many free applications to manage your business.
It retails for $19.95 USD.

Citrus Proposal Deluxe operates with Windows operating systems.

The basic Routines are:
    Create and Print a Proposal
    Create and Print a Field Proposal (partially populated, hand write the body, etc)
    Display a Proposal Report (delete no longer needed proposals)

Create Custom Terms and Disclaimer( or use generic)
    Finalize a Field Proposal (enter body and Payment Schedule)
    Print Invoices based on Payment Schedule or one Final Invoice  

Setup data for Citrus Proposal Deluxe is saved and is automatically loaded by other Citrusware programs.

Citrusware develops programs for Contractors, Tradesmen and Small Business to help organize your business and increase your profits. Our programs are inexpensive, yet feature rich and easy to use.