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Citrus Proposal

Citrus Proposal creates and prints professional Proposals
Any type of company can use Citrus Proposal.

Examples would be Construction Companies and Handymen.


Select the number of copies for each proposal to print (1-5)
Enter a Starting Proposal Number.

(Optional) - Create Custom Terms and Disclaimer Information

General Operation of the Program

  • Select A Customer

  • Enter a Site Address if it differs from the Account Address.

  • Build the Body of the Proposal
    (Any data inserted into the body can be modified or deleted).

        Insert the Header
        Build the deliverables (can be typed or created from a Word, Word Pad or
        Notepad file)
        Add a Tax statement and Terms

  • Enter a price and select payment plan
            In Full upon Completion
            A Down Payment and Final Payment
            Multiple Scheduled Payments

  • Select date(s) for all payments

  • Print the Proposal(s)

Hint: All Citrusware programs have Bonus programs.
You can print proposals using a PDF printer (many free on the internet) and save it.
Use our free email program to send it to your customer(s)

Features of Citrus Proposal

Uses plain paper to create proposals
Proposals are entered into a file and can be reviewed

Field Proposals

At times, a visit to a customer or job site is required in order to produce a proposal.
Print a Field Proposal which simply has the header information (your business info, Logo, customer data), and disclaimer preprinted and the balance of the body lined off.

You print the proposal set  (2 or 3 part ) at the office and bring it to the job site.
(You use plain paper, and insert carbon paper between pages).

You can manually enter the deliverables, price and payment schedule while visiting the Customer or Job Site and submit it to your customer

You can print Sketch Sheets used to detail the proposed project.
The sheets contain customer data and the proposal number for tracking purposes.

Citrus Proposal Deluxe

Citrus Proposal Deluxe has all of the features of Citrus Proposal and adds:          

Print Invoices based on the Payment Schedule created at the time the proposal was created.
Generate a basic proposal from a Field Proposal

More information?
        View the User Manual
        View Screen Images
        View Bonus Apps (packaged with the Purchased Version)

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