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Guide to Program Selection

Question: How would you describe your business type?

Answer:   we sell Whole Goods
Answer:   we invoice Repeating Rental Services

Answer:   we provide Repair Services

Whole Goods Sales Companies
See the Feature Comparison chart for all Invoicing Applications

Citrus Invoicer should meet all of your needs.

Q- we want control over our Inventory, what do we need?
A - Citrus Invoicer and Citrus Inventory

Q - we have a walk-in trade, we need to create an invoice, we would like to track Sales by associate, and create Work Schedules,
what do we need?
A- Not Citrus Invoicer, try Citrus Appointment Scheduler

Q - we don't need any bells and whistles
A - Citrus Invoicer Free may be all you need!
It is completely free and you can upgrade to Citrus Invoicer at any time.

Rental Sales Companies

We offer Citrus Cycle Invoicer as a specific program for Rental Sales companies.

Q- we bill a set amount on a set schedule, and occasionally need to add items to the invoice, what do we need?
A- Citrus Cycle Invoicer

In addition, we need to schedule on-site recurring service, and invoice it
at a set price, what do we need?
A - Not  Citrus Cycle Invoicer, checkout Citrus Contract Scheduler


Repair Services Companies

        If you bid jobs and generate Proposals, then consider Citrus Proposal.

          Q - we provide on-site Service, including replacement parts
          A - Citrus Dispatcher or Citrus Dispatch Center may meet your needs.

        The difference is Dispatcher schedules the service when the request is
        made, Dispatch Center posts the request to a service board and is assigned
         when a service provider completes a call and signs out the next call.
        Both generate invoices.

Q- we bill a set amount on a set schedule, what do we need?
A- Citrus Cycle Invoicer

Q -
we provide in-shop scheduled services
- Citrus Appointment Scheduler

Q -
we provide regularly scheduled on-site services
- Citrus Contract Scheduler

Compare all of the features of each program group before making your decision.

Compare the Dispatching Programs (Chart)
Compare the Invoicing Programs (Chart)
View the Features of our Proposal Program

Still have questions?
View the User Manual for a Specific Program
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