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Citrus Invoicer Free

Our Free Invoicing Program is Citrus Invoicer Free

Typical Invoice Creation Flow

Once you have entered all Setup Data
Citrus Invoicer Free Procedures are as follows:

Start an Invoice by entering Customer Data.
Click Continue.
The Invoice Creation Screen will be displayed.

Enter a PO or other reference is desired.

Click Start Invoice Button.
The next Invoice Number is automatically created.
Select or Enter Items, Quantities and Price for each item.
Click Post to Invoice
The sub-total, total and taxes are calculated

Add more items or click Items Complete
Add Labor, Shipping, Additional Charge, or Discount to the invoice

Click Print

Taxes collected are automatically updated

 If  you sell whole Goods primarily, Citrus Inventory may  interest you

View the User Manual (Citrus Invoicer)
Invoicer Free does not have a unique Manual - portions of Citrus Invoicer Manual apply
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