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Citrus Invoicer is a general purpose Invoicing program which can be used by any type of company.
Companies selling whole goods or services are best suited to Citrus Invoicer.


You can create a list of Whole Goods (Inventoried Items); each having Cost, Sell Price, On Hand,
 Discount Unit Pric
e, Discount at Quantity, Re-order Amount and Reorder When (falls to) fields.
(On-hand is decremented when placed on an invoice, and incremented when placed on a Purchase Order (Citrus Inventory)

You can create a list of Custom Items which are not inventoried.
(A Custom Item might be something you fabricate and use/install often)
(No need to list and price items individually)

You create a list of Services along with a price for the service.

You can create up to three Hourly Labor Rates with a heading.

All of the categories are presented in drop-down boxes for easy selection when creating an invoice.
During Set-up, you select which categories will be taxed; Inventoried Items, Service, Labor and Custom.
You can create a Graduated Tax system (International use).

General Operation of the Program

Select a Customer to Invoice..

The Invoice form has three main windows,
Setup, Creation and Print
You can toggle between these windows.

Setup Window
Enter "To the Attention of Information", a PO or Reference, and change the Invoice Number, if desired.

Creation Window

Add items, Services, and Labor
Tax Exemption Status - Exemptions can be selected on an item by item basis
or on the entire invoice.
Add Shipping Carrier and Ship Date information to the Invoice
Sold to and Ship to addresses can be different
Payment Information can be added to the Invoice if prepaid.
(Automatically Posts the Payment to the Account).

Print Setup Window
You can choose to
Print a Draft Copy for proof purposes prior to it's completion.

When the Invoice is completed, the following items occur automatically:
Invoice is added to the  Invoice Register.

Items Inventory is automatically decremented
Item Sales Report is automatically updated.
Taxes collected are automatically updated
Account Receivable is automatically updated.

Additional Print Items, Reports and Procedures

Print Blank or Partial Invoices.
Print a Narrative Invoice
(A narrative invoice is one where you enter everything done for the customer and enter one price)
Print a Materials Packing List
Reprint a Completed Invoice
Print a Completed Invoice Report
View Incomplete Invoices in Summary and Detail Views
Print an Incomplete Invoice Report

Print Tax Collection Report - all Tax entries are stored in a Tax Register by Tax Heading.
You can generate a report by date range and Tax Heading at any time.
Delete unneeded records at anytime.

Print Item Sales Report - As you create Invoices, the subtotal, tax, discount and grand total are stored
by Invoice Number and account. Generate report by date range, all accounts or single account,
and delete unneeded records at anytime.

Procedures via Companion (bonus) Applications

Print Statements
Print Customer Mail out labels for Statements and/or Invoices
Print Return Address Labels for Statements and/or Invoices
Shipping Labels (Package Size)
Post Payments to Accounts
Create a Deposit Slip

If you sell whole Goods primarily, Citrus Inventory may  interest you as well.
For those companies who rarely need to print an invoice, we offer Free Invoicer.

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