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Citrus Inventory

Citrus Inventory is a program to manage your inventory items.
It can be used by any company who sells whole goods.


Create Inventoried items

Inventoried Items have these attributes:

  • Description

  • Category - like items are assigned to a category

  • Unit Cost - what you pay for a unit

  • Sell Price (Unit)

  • Quantity on Hand - current inventory count

  • Discount Sell Price - a reduced price based on quantity ordered

  • Discount Quantity - how many must be ordered to receive the discount price

  • Reorder - typical amount to order when low in inventory

  • Reorder When - inventory falls to or below this amount, reorder item

Create Vendor/Supplier List
List of suppliers to whom purchase orders will be sent

Features of Citrus Inventory

Create Purchase Orders
Create Price Books
Create Pick Lists
Return Items to Inventory

General Operation of the Program

Once an item is created, the on hand field is controlled (incremented or decremented) by creating Pick Lists or Purchase Orders. Inventory is also decremented when an Invoice is created if you use any Citrusware Invoicing program.


Manage Inventory Items - You can add items, change any of an items attributes (listed above)

Create Purchase Orders - you can create a PO to restock your inventory or to be delivered to a job site
Your inventory is incremented if the PO is to restock your inventory, but not if it is going to a job site.
You can automatically re-order only items at or below the items reorder level or you can enter any amount you choose.
You can add items to a PO which are not inventoried such as tools, etc.

Create a Pick List - a list for loading and delivery from your inventory to a job site
or to restock a service vehicle.
A pick list decrements your inventory

Create Price Books  - Create a Price book for each vehicle or sales person of commonly sold items during a repair or installation
You can prepare a RFQ Letter to suppliers so you can compare prices for items.

Return Items to Inventory - Items added to a pick list which are not used on a job site, can be returned to inventory (adds to item count)

Reports and Lists - You can create Inventory Tally Sheets for the purpose of performing a Physical Inventory.
You can generate a current
Inventory Report showing on hand, reorder levels, cost, sell, etc.

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