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Citrus Dispatcher

Citrus Dispatcher schedules Service Attentions and Repetitive Services.

Service Requests are assigned to a date and time, and a specific Service Provider.

Examples would be electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, appliance repairmen, TV repairmen, etc.


Create a list of Assignments (up to 30)
Such as City Vehicle #1, City Vehicle #2, County Vehicle #1, etc.
(It is not recommended to use employee names)

Create a list of Services
You can add to the list while creating the Service Slip.

Create Customer Information
You can create a new customer record while scheduling a service event.

Define your work week
(M-F, M-S, S-S), and work day start time 7am or 8am.


  • Service Attentions can be scheduled for up to 8 hours, in one hour increments.
    Once scheduled, a Service Attention can be deleted or rescheduled prior to it's scheduled service date.
    After it's scheduled date, it must be rectified, (completed, or deleted).

  • Service Attentions can be recorded and Schedule Later
    If unclear as to whom and when to Schedule the Service Request, the Customer Information can be saved and Scheduled at a later time.

  • All Service Attentions are recorded and summation information can be viewed and reconciled.

  • When scheduling a Service Attention, you can view the entire months work load for an assignment
    (hours scheduled by day)
    This assists in helping find time available for the service attention.
    You can click through all assignments and the calendar automatically loads the next assignment.

  • Work Schedules for each Service Assignment can be viewed and printed daily.

  • Work Schedules for any date for all Service Assignments can be viewed at the same time.
    The full day is displayed (Hourly).
    Any service event can be clicked to display details.

  • Print Service Invoices using plain paper or perforated response paper.
    (Response paper prints a tear-off form which is returned to the office for service tracking).
    Create Service Invoices with or without Customer Information.
    The pre-printed Invoices can have up to 12 items with prices pre-printed.

  • You can create and print a Picklist for larger Service Attentions requiring many repair items
    Items are from your Inventoried Items list.

  • The work day is extended to 6am - 6pm.
    This feature allows you to schedule non-work related events such as presentations, vehicle restocking, etc. before or after a normal work day

  • Schedule Recurring Events
    Events can be customer related requiring invoicing or not, or non-customer related.
    Examples would be regularly Scheduled Service, a Maintenance Plan that is prepaid, or an administrative task such as Restock Vehicles.

  • Schedule Customer Meetings (non-invoiced)

  • You can place Reminder Calls for upcoming service by date.
    Simply select the date from a calendar and all customers and their telephone numbers are presented in a grid.
    Click on the telephone number and dial the customer if you have daisy-chained a phone to your PC.

  • Block Days for vacations, Holidays etc. to prevent inadvertent scheduling.

General Operation of the Program

Create a service slip and schedule it.

  • Select a Customer.

  • Select a Service Provider

  • Select (or enter) reported problem

  • Select a Date

  • Select (estimate) the time required for the Service Attention

  • Select a Start Time from the Day Schedule

Print Daily Work Schedules.
Print Service Invoices.

Other Features
Create a Service Contract
Create a Work Order
Create and print Service and Billing History Reports

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