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Citrus Dispatch Center

Citrus Dispatch Center is a Service Dispatch Board Program
It is similar to Citrus Dispatcher.
When a request for service is received, a Service Slip is created and placed on a Dispatch Board.
When a Service Provider calls the dispatcher, a service slip is assigned to him/her from the dispatch board.

Service Providers are referred to as Assignments, which can be employees or sub-contractors.


Create an assignments list
(Employees and/or sub-contractors who will be performing services)
Create a list of Services which will be perfomed
(This list may appear automatically if you have other Citrusware programs installed)
Select to print invoices and invoice type( with remittance)

Procedures differing from Citrus Dispatcher
Unlimited Service Assignments - Yes
Locate all assignments at a glace - Yes
Schedule Customer Meetings - No
View Monthly Assignments - No
Schedule Recurring Events - No
Reminder Calling - No

Procedures identical to Citrus Dispatcher
Customer Information
Automatic Service Selection
Record Service Request and Schedule Later
Print Service Invoices (including blank invoices)
View Service History

Print Mailing Labels

Typical Service Request Creation Flow

Select a Customer.
Enter (select) the Service Location
Select (or enter) reported problem
Assign the Service Slip to an assignment (or leave unassigned)
Select a priority (urgency)
The Service Slip is placed onto the Dispatch Board

Typical Service Request Sign out Flow

From the Dispatch Board, a Service Provider signs out a service slip
Date and time are selected and the Slip Status is changed to in Progress
(Invoices can be printed at this time)

When the Service is completed, the slip is marked as Completed

Service Slip Completion

All Completed Slips can be processed.
Completed data includes Amount, Invoice Number and form of payment.
Tax is calculated.
Invoice Records are created.
Completed Slips can be deleted.

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