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Citrus Cycle Invoicer

Citrus Cycle Invoicer automatically creates invoices and posts to Account Receivable file.
It is designed for any company providing a Service on a regular basis at a Pre-set fee.

Examples would be Storage Unit Facilities, Parking Garages, Club Membership,
Home Owners Association, Cable Television, or
Subscription Services such as Emergency Monitoring

It can also be used by companies providing on-site service where specific scheduling in not required.
A good example would be a pool cleaning service where service is provided weekly but is invoiced monthly.
Service may not always be on the same day of the week.

You create a list of Services along with the a price.
You can create Sales Items which might be used during servicing, such as chemicals.
As you create a new account, you assign a service to the account and a billing cycle,
such as Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually or Annually.
For any other billing cycle, set the account billing to none.

General Operation of the Program

Select a cycle you wish to invoice, (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, or Annually)
Select a Month. Click Load Grid.
All accounts requiring billing for the selected Month will populate the grid.
If the billing cycle was set to "none", you can create an invoice for each account with no billing cycle at any time.

Mark (Select) those accounts you wish toi nvoice. Click Create Invoice Records.
A Receivable record is posted to each account.
You can print an Invoice at this time.

Sometimes you might need to add Sales Items to an invoice.
Click one button and all of your Sales Items are presented in a grid for easy selection and adding.
Select only accounts where this item was used during servicing.
Records and Invoices will be created.
Then select remaining accounts where the item was not used and Records and Invoices will be created.

You can add an Item or Service manually for anything that is not listed in your Sales Item List.

Features of Citrus Cycle Invoicing

Auto Billing - Create a billing record for each account within seconds.

Override Preset Charge, Service or Service Assignment
 When creating an Invoice, the preset charge, Service or Service Assignment can be changed
on an "account by account" basis.

Auto Post Payments- When customers pay their preset charge, simply enter the check number,
click Post. All payments are Posted to the accounts.

Create a Service Contract.

Create and print Service and Billing History Reports

Procedures via Companion (free) Applications

Account Statements
Print Statements
Print Customer Mail out labels for Statements and/or Invoices
Print Return Address Labels for Statements and/or Invoices

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