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Citrus Contract Scheduler

Citrus Contract Scheduler
automatically schedules services on a continual basis.
Once completed, the next service is automatically scheduled.
Invoices can be printed and account receivable posted automatically for completed service.
It can be used in conjunction with Citrus Dispatcher.

You create up to 30 Service Provider Assignments (these can be trucks, routes, etc., (same as a Citrus Dispatcher).

You create a list of Services you provide, along with an associated  charge and Time Required to complete for each.

When you create a Customer Record, you select the Service Information once from "drop down" lists.
Additional windows allow you to select Service Frequency
(Bi-weekly, Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually

You enter the "Next Service Date", and assign the account to a service provider, that's the key to everything. It triggers Work Schedule generation and printing, and rescheduling after completion.

You can "Fine Tune" the process by creating Service Routes and assign each account quickly to a Service Provider by selecting Street Names, Sub Divisions, Zip codes, etc.
All selected accounts are assigned to the selected Service Assignment on a set weekday.
You can create a different route for each assignment for each day of the week.

Every day the program looks to see what is scheduled in the future.
Daily Work Schedules can be printed for any date and Service Assignment.

Daily, you are reminded about all Services which should have been completed prior to today's date.
All Completed Service is automatically rescheduled for the next Service Cycle.
Events that were not completed can be rescheduled within the Current Service Cycle or cancelled from the current cycle and rescheduled for the next Service Cycle.

When creating accounts, the billing cycle can be each service event, monthly, quarterly or annually
For example, you might provide a service weekly but invoice only monthly.
In this case, a billing record is not created when serviced.
You select the billing cycle (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and all accounts with that cycle are displayed .
If you need the billing features of Contract Scheduling but do not need to schedule service attentions, checkout
Citrus Cycle Invoicer.

Other Features
Invoices can be generated when printing Daily Work Schedules (Invoices are similar the Citrus Dispatcher Invoices).
Statements, Credit Memos, posting Payments on Account, and Label Creation are identical to Citrus Invoicer.
This program will greatly reduce your time spent Billing Contracted Services.

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