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Citrus Construction Scheduler

Citrus Construction Scheduler is a program which schedules construction projects.

Any type of company can use Citrus Construction Scheduler.
Examples would be Construction Companies and Handymen. 


Create a list of Assignments
Assignments can be a specific team within your company, such as a "Framing Team".
Assignments can be companies to which you sub-contract.
If you have Citrus Dispatcher installed, assignments created previously will display automatically.

Milestones are events within a Construction Project.
Create a list of milestones in the order they will occur within a project
Include all events for the most complex projects you wish to schedule
Milestones can be technical or administrative.
E.G. - Technical - Pour Foundation
        - Administrative - Obtain Building Permit
Each technical event is assigned a duration in hours or days.
An event can be dependent on the completion of a previous event.


Each milestone has attributes.
Attributes further define each milestone and set conditions for the project when scheduling

  • Performed By - Technical Team or Administrative

  • Project Phase - before, during or after construction

  • Dependent upon Completion of - A list of all previous milestones is presented in the list window. If this milestone requires the completion of a previous milestone, select it from the list. The Interval Window opens. See Depend Days (next)

  • Dependent Days - Select the number of days from the completion of the Dependent upon Milestone until when this milestone can be scheduled. For example, you might pour a foundation and wait four days before constructing walls etc.

Vendors, Suppliers and Sub-Contractors

Create a list of Sub-Contractors you might use.
Vendors and Suppliers may appear automatically if you have Citrus Dispatcher installed.

General Operation of the Program

Creating a Project

  • Select a Customer

  • Enter a Site Address if it differs from the Account Address.

  • Enter a Title for the Project

  • Deselect any milestone not needed for the project

  • Assign milestones to assignments; select date, time and duration
    Each assignment has a unique schedule, meaning the same time slot can be scheduled to different assignments.
    Existing work schedules for assignments are checked to prevent conflicts.

  • Review the project summary and schedule

Manage Projects

Select a project from the projects list

View the project details
    Click any milestone to view, reschedule, or complete it

Print, Complete, Delete

Entire project can be printed, competed, or deleted from the projects list

Other Features
View/print Work Schedules - all events scheduled for assignments by date, including service attentions
View/Print Administrative Events - all events for a given date range for administrative personnel
Create a Work Order
Schedule Holidays and Vacation Days - workdays to which events can not be scheduled.
Pace Reminder Calls
Set unattended Call Monitoring  - This feature requires a special modem

More information?
View the User Manual
View Screen Images
View Bonus Apps (packaged with the Purchased Version)

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