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Citrus Appointment Scheduler

Citrus Appointment Scheduler schedules Appointments at you place of business.
Your company can be Shop/Repair Oriented or Associate Sales Oriented.

Examples might be Auto Repair, lawn equipment repair, beauty salon, or consulting.
Any type of business where space is scheduled, Service Bay, office, barber chair, etc.


Create a list of Points of Service (up to 30)
These can be
repair bays, offices, or barber chairs, whatever you choose .
You can create a group of associates,(don't use individual names, rather Representative #1, Associate #1, Office #1,etc)

Create a list of Services
Each Service has a price and time requirement.
Services may appear automatically if you have other Citrusware programs installed.

Create a list of Sales Items
Items can be added to any Appointment.
Items have a unit price.
Items may appear automatically if you have other Citrusware programs installed.

Define your work week
(M-F, M-S, S-S), and work day start time 7am or 8am.


  • Create, schedule, reschedule and invoice appointments

  • Print/reprint invoices

  • Create Work Schedules and Work Orders

  • Generate Sales Reports (if Sales Associate Oriented style company)

  • Block Days for vacations, Holidays etc. to prevent inadvertent scheduling.

  • Create Service Contracts

General Operation of the Program

Create an appointment and schedule it.

  • Select a Customer.

  • Assign the appointment to a point of service

  • Select the service(s) to perform

  • Add sales items if needed

  • Schedule the appointment or save and schedule later


Print work orders and inventory pick lists (parts needed).

(Optionally, some businesses might require a Service Summary Report.
This prints with pertinent data and is completed by the service provider).

Print an invoice before of after the appointment is completed.

Appointment Slips are saved in the event invoicing needs to be performed at a later date.
When creating an invoice, additional Services or Items used during the appointment can be added.
(These might be shown on the Service Summary Report).

If your business is Sales Associate Oriented, individual Sales are recorded when the invoice is created.

Sales Report

Sales Reports can be viewed and printed by Associate and Date Range.
This might be useful if commissions need to be paid.

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