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Paper and Forms

Each Program has Internet Links to the paper or forms supplier  offering the forms needed by the program.

Two paper types are used; Standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch or a specialty paper known as Perforated  Response Paper.

Standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper
All reports are printed on Standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper

Perforated Response Paper

All Invoicing Programs can print Invoices and Statements.
Dispatching and Scheduling programs can print Work Schedules and Service Invoices.

Invoices and Statements can be printed with or with out a tear-off Remittance Form.
The Remittance Form  is pre-printed with Customer Information, Invoice Number (s), Dates, etc.
that make it easier to post and track once the payment is returned to your office.
If you want to print with a Remittance Form, then order Perforated Response Paper.
If you do not want a Remittance Form then use Standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper.

Dispatching and Scheduling programs use Perforated Response Paper but in a different manner.
Daily Work  Schedules use this form to create a tear-off summary section
that is returned by your Service Technicians, containing completion status
and any payments they may have collected

Contract Scheduling uses Perforated Response Paper to create a Service Completion Notice which is left
with the customer and the tear-off section is returned to  the office with Completion/Collection Data

Checks and Deposit Slips
The Citrus Checkbook uses Deluxe Checks and Computer Deposit Slips Form # 80200 as an option.
(You can print a Deposit without using the pre-printed Deposit Slip).
We recommend that you use this Deposit Slip because it has all of those numbers at the bottom that pertain to your checking account

Mailing Envelopes
All Citrusware Invoices and Statements can use Deluxe Business 
Envelope # 091551

Mailing Labels
The purchased version of most programs contain
Citrus Label Center  
Use Avery 8160 for  Ink Jet Printers or 5260 for  Laser Printers.
Each sheet contains 30 labels, arranged in 3 columns of 10.

Shipping Labels
Citrus Invoicer can print Shipping labels, use  Avery  form 8163.
Each sheet contains 10 labels arranged in 2 columns of 5.

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