FYI - You need to Know

Software on the Internet

The Internet is a great place to find Computer Programs!
There are basically 3 types of Programs that you can find:

Totally Free
Trial Period before you Buy
Commercial for Sale

We do offer Trial Period before you Buy programs.
(All of our BASIC programs are available)
Bonus Programs are only distributed with purchased programs



If you purchase an application from us, you will be granted a license for
one PC.

The license is not transferable.

Order Information

Once your Credit Card is verified, the order process continues.
You will be given instructions on how to download and what to do if you need to reload the installation package.
The download link can be quite lengthy. Make sure you copy it entirely. We do not deliver the installation package.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We never collect any information about you other than ordering data.
Our programs contain NO ADWARE, SPYWARE or anything else!

Refund Policy

Electronically delivered products can not be retrieved.
Review ALL features of a program.
Download the Try Before You Buy version.
Use it and decide if it meets your needs.
If it does, follow the instructions on the Spash Screen to make a purchase.

Contact Information

We answer correspondence from existing Customers as soon as received.

Please tell us:

who you are (at least your 1st and last names),
what program you are using,
and the
version number (displayed when the Program Starts).
your order number 
If you do not know your order number, supply the approximate date of purchase.

Without this information, we can not easily verify your status as an existing customer.

If you wish, provide us with your contact information, so we can  reach you.
We do not Save, Sell or use your Contact Information in any other way.

We answer all other correspondence within one Business Day.

We can be reached at:

       US Mail  :
        529 E Keller Ct
        Hernando, Fl 34442-8383

        E-Mail   Click Here