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Citrus Invoicer is for invoicing  Whole Goods or Services performed.

Citrus Cycle Invoicer creates billing records for all accounts with a few keystrokes.

Citrus Contract Invoicer has invoicing features as well as Scheduling

Citrus Invoicer

Features of Citrus Invoicer

            Setup and Creation
bulletCustomer Information is created  once and stored.
 Customer Information is used by all Citrusware applications.
 A customer added via one program is available to all programs.
Customers can be found later by entering Search Criteria such as a Telephone Number.
bulletSales Items, Services and Hourly Labor Rates (with Cost, Pricing, Discount Pricing ,On-hand re-order at
and reorder when) created once.
bullet Create a Discount Price based on quantities sold per item.
bulletInvoice line entries come from your Items List (whole goods), Services List, Labor List, Manually
entered item, or a Narrative Entry (description of work performed and a charge).
bulletInvoices can be created from templates.
While creating an Invoice, the contents can be saved as a template.
A template is a list of Items and/or Services on an Invoice that you expect to create often.
To reuse a template, just select a customer, select a template and print.
When using a template, items can be added to or removed from the invoice.

You set the quantities at which the discount price is invoked.
bulletInvoices can be printed with or without a tear-off Remittance Slip.
bulletAdd your Logo to Invoices (and other documents).
bulletCreate Multiple Tax Codes - Create the Tax Rate and Heading once (State Sales, GST, VAT, Provincial, etc.).
You select (once) what to tax, Sales Items, Service, Labor, etc.
You can create a Graduated Tax system (International use).
Taxes are automatically calculated and added.
Tax Exempt Status can be set for any invoice or item.
bullet Print Blank Invoices (for route delivery type sales, where items will not be
 known until arrival at the customers place of business,
 has an associated completion entry routine).
bulletPartial Invoice and Draft Copy Start an Invoice, Save it, reload it later and continue it
The Partial Invoice can be used as a delivery invoice. Manually enter items when delivered and return for invoice completion.

Additional Print Items, Reports and Procedures
bulletPrint a Materials Packing List
bulletReprint a Completed Invoice
bulletPrint a Completed Invoice Report
bulletView Incomplete Invoices in Summary and Detail Views
bulletPrint an Incomplete Invoice Report
bulletPrint Tax Collection Report - all Tax entries are stored in a Tax Register by Tax Heading..
You can generate a report by date range and Tax Heading at any time.
Delete unneeded records at anytime.
bulletPrint Item Sales Report - As you create Invoices, the subtotal, tax, discount and grand total are stored
by Invoice Number and account. Generate report by date range, all accounts or single account,
and delete unneeded records at anytime.

Procedures via Companion (free) Applications
bulletPrint Statements
bulletPrint Customer Mail out labels for Statements and/or Invoices
bulletPrint Return Address Labels for Statements and/or Invoices
bulletShipping Labels (Package Size)
bulletPost Payments to Accounts
bulletCreate a Deposit Slip

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Citrus Cycle Invoicer  - is designed for any company that provides
a Service on a regular basis at a Pre-set fee.

Examples would be Storage Unit Facilities, Parking Garages, Subscription Services such as Emergency Monitoring
The main feature of this program is automatic invoice creation and Posting to Account Receivables.
Another great feature is automatic posting of payments to accounts.
Easily create a Service Contract.

Setup is Easy
You create a list of Services you offer, along with the Services price.
As you create a new account, you assign a service to the account and a billing cycle. such as Monthly, Quarterly, etc
You can set the billing cycle to "none".

General Operation of the Program

At any time, select a cycle you wish to invoice, (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, or Annually)
Select a Month. Click Load Grid.
All accounts that should be billed that Month will populate the grid.

If the billing cycle was set to "none" and you select "none" from the menu selection, you can create an invoice for each account with no billing cycle.

Mark (Select) those accounts you wish to bill. Click Create Invoice Records.
An Invoice record (Receivable) is Posted to each account. You can optionally print an Invoice at this time.

Sometimes you might need to add Sales Items to an invoice. Click one button and all of your Sales Items are presented in a grid for easy selection and adding.
Select only accounts where this item was used during servicing. Records and Invoices will be created.
Then select remaining accounts where the item was not used and Records and Invoices will be created.

You can add an Item or Service manually for anything that is not listed in your Sales Item List.

Features of Citrus Cycle Invoicing

bulletAuto Billing - Create a billing record for each account within seconds.
bulletOverride Preset Charge or Service - When creating Invoice, the preset charge or Service can be altered
on an "account by account" basis.
bulletAuto Post Payments- When customers pay their preset charge, simply enter the check number,
click Post. All payments are Posted to the accounts.

Procedures via Companion (free) Applications

bulletAccount Statements
bulletPrint Statements
bulletPrint Customer Mail out labels for Statements and/or Invoices
bulletPrint Return Address Labels for Statements and/or Invoices

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