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Invoicing Features Comparison

Feature Citrus
Create a Customer Invoice Y Y   Y
Add your Logo to Invoices Y Y Y
Add Narrative to an Invoice Y N N
Add VAT, FEIN to Invoices and Statements Y Y Y
Tax Rates and Headings 2 2 2
Graduated Tax (International( Y Y Y
USA and International Address Styles Y Y Y
Locate Customer by any Account Field Y Y Y
Locate Customer in Sorted List Y Y Y
Locate Customer using Type-Ahead Y Y Y
Sales Items Unit Price and Volume Discount Price Y Y Y
Reprint Invoices Y N Y
Print Delivery Stye Invoices Y N Y
Create Partial Invoice - Add to Later Y N N
Print Draft Invoice Y N N
Print Credit Memo Y* Y* Y*
Print Statements Y* Y* Y*
Print a Packing Slip Y N N
Shipping Labels Y Y Y
Return Address Labels Y Y Y
Customer Address Labels Y Y Y
Payments to Receivables Y Y Y
Sales Report Y Y Y
Incomplete Invoice Report Y Y Y
Completed Invoices Report Y Y Y
Taxes Collected Report Y Y Y
Customer List Y Y Y

* - Feature accomplished via a Bonus Program

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