Citrus Construction Scheduler

Citrus Construction Scheduler is a program which schedules events (milestones) for construction projects to different work groups or individuals within your company, or to sub-contractors
If you use Citrus Dispatcher, scheduled events are coordinated.

An event (called a milestone) can be administrative or technical in nature; EG Obtain a Building Permit (Administrative) or Pour Foundation (Technical).
An event can be dependent on the completion of a previous event.
Each technical event is assigned a duration in hours or days.
A starting day and time are selected for each event and existing work schedules for technical personnel are checked to prevent conflicts.
Administrative events are simply assigned to a date.

The Main Menu Screen

Create a New Project The process of creating and scheduling a construction project.

Manage Existing Projects Events of previously created projects can be completed, re-scheduled or deleted.

Create a Work Order This is a document for your personnel. It is not a Proposal or customer document. It details work needed to be accomplished. You can create a Completion Report as well. The Work Order may or may not correlate with a construction project.

Print/View Work Schedules See all events scheduled for work teams by date, including service attentions.

Print/View Administrative Events See all events for a given date range for administrative personnel.

Schedule Holidays, Vacations - Create a list of workdays to which events can not be scheduled.

Set Unattended Call Monitoring Log incoming calls while away from the office.
(This feature requires a special modem).

Place Reminder Calls lists upcoming events by date so reminder calls can be made.

About Milestones and Attributes (How the program Works!)

Milestones Create a list of events (milestones) which must be scheduled, tracked, assigned and completed for a construction project. Create the list in the order in which they would occur during a project.
Include all events for the most complex projects you wish to schedule. When actually creating a project, unneeded events can be deleted, leaving just those needed for a less complex project.
Include events which will be performed by construction personnel or teams, administrative personnel or sub-contractors.
Milestones should be events which occur after it is certain a contract or proposal has been reached.
Review the list carefully before continuing on to the Attributes Section.
If a milestone list exists, the Toggle Grid button and menu selection will be enabled. All existing milestone and their attributes will be displayed in grid form. You can reposition Milestones to the order in which they will occur.

Attributes each milestone has a list of attributes. Milestones are presented on the Attributes Screen in the order in which they were created.

Attributes further define each milestone and set conditions for the project when scheduling.

Performed by select if this milestone is administrative or technical?

If administrative, the milestone is simply scheduled as a task to a "to do list" on a selected date for administrative staff. An example might be "Obtain Building Permit" as the milestone. You might assign a number of these events to occur on the same day.

If Performed by Technical Personnel, the milestone will require a date, start time and duration in hours or days when being scheduled.
Each team has a unique schedule allowing the same time slot can be scheduled to different work teams.
Accomplished when select if this milestone is to be performed; before, during or after construction. This helps control the flow of the project. This is also used to estimate the total days for completion of the project.
Dependency A list of all previous milestones is presented in the list window. If this milestone requires the completion of a previous milestone, select it from the list. The Interval Window opens. Select the number of days from the completion of the Dependency Milestone until when this milestone can be scheduled. For example, you might pour a foundation and wait four days before constructing walls etc.

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