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Application Name Invoicing Dispatching
Citrus Checkbook Y Y
Citrus Reports Y Y
Citrus Print Statements Y Y
Citrus Adjustments Y Y
Citrus eMailer Yd Y
Citrus Mass Mailer X Y
Citrus Label Center Yd Y
Citrus Shipping Labels Y X
Citrus Service Completion X Y
Citrus Cable Locator X Y

Citrus Checkbook uses pre-printed forms from Deluxe

Citrus Reports - view and print reports for Invoicing, Item Sales, Profit/Loss,
Receivables, Tax Collected, Expenses by Category or Date Range

Citrus Print Statements prints Customer Statements, post payments to accounts, view Financial History (Invoicing) and display un-invoiced Service Slips

Citrus Adjustments Issue a Customer Credit or post an additional charge not listed on any invoice

Citrus eMailer create and send emails to one or many customers
Insert attachments such as Invoices printed with a PDF printer

Citrus Mass Mailer uses your Customer List to create post cards with a common message to all selected customers.
You can create a generic post card for delinquent accounts, for example, and fill in the amount on each.
If used with Citrus Contract Scheduler, each postcard will have the next scheduled date, day and time automatically selected
from the customer data base

Citrus Label Center prints outgoing and return address labels (one customer and two return as a set), vendor address labels. If you have posted payments to accounts, the accounts posted are automatically selected for a mailing set. (Uses Avery # 18160)

Citrus Shipping Labels print 2" X 4" (Deluxe # 8163) labels for packages sent to customers

Citrus Service Completion complete the Service Slip. Select the Status (Completed and collected,
not collected, completed under warranty, etc.) Records Service to History File. (File can be viewed with Citrus Dispatching Applications)

Citrus Cable Locator used by companies were digging or trenching occurs. Call for a locate order and keeps records

Yd = Also Distributed with Citrus Proposal and Citrus Proposal Deluxe

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